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Omark Design Studio

We specialize in sustainable architectural design with the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Our tagline "redefining lifestyles" is our commitment to revolutionizing the design industry. Join us in creating a better future!

- Ar Vaibhav Kudtalkar

Architect, Sustainability Consultant, Nature lover.

The Future of Architecture

At OMARK, we believe that the future of architecture is sustainable, innovative, and community-driven. Our team of experts is dedicated to making environmental consciousness a priority. Join us in redefining the architectural industry!

Smart Homes & Buildings

Integration of technology to efficiently manage energy usage for lighting, heating, and cooling.

Collaborative Design

Working with communities to ensure our designs meet their unique needs and values.

Renewable Energy

Incorporating solar and wind power to meet the energy needs of buildings. Ground Water  recharge and Water Harvesting to meet your Water requirements

Meet the Team


Principal Architect

Ar Vaibhav Kudtalkar

An Architect with Sustainability and Lifestyle improvement as his motto.

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3D visuals and Animation

Ar Nikhil Waydande

Ar Nikhil Waydande is a multi-talented individual who has skills in 3D design and dance. He is known for his clear-headed approach to life and work, which helps him to excel in his various pursuits

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Licensed Surveyor & Execution

Devendra Kavle

Devendra is a Second generaton surveyor and a civil engineer with hordes of Experience and a motor bike enthusiast

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Environmental Engineer

Er Harshal Kudtalkar

An Avid Nature and aAnimal Lover wth a keen iinterest and aptitude in Environmental Engneering.

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Interior Design & Execution

Id Saurabh Aravandekar

Id Saurabh is our go to man when it comes to Interior Executons, Purchase and Material Selection. Known for his quick wit and diplomacy whle handling multiple Teams .

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Where to Find Us

+91 9022514924

+91 7021684732

Tue - Sat: 9am - 6pm
​​Sunday: 10am - 2pm
Monday: Closed

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