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Ar Vaibhav Kudtalkar

Creative Director

It didn’t take long for Ar Vaibhav to make a big impact as our new Creative Director. In fact, we often wonder how we managed without them! It’s no exaggeration to say they have quickly become an invaluable asset to the asknature family.


Dr Shubhada Kudtalkar

N.D.[Doctor in Naturopathy] Dip. Naturopathy & Yoga [1995,Nasik] PHD for Social work & organ donation [Honoris Causa] PROPREITOR, Eklavya Prabodhini

Experienced, trustworthy, motivational. These are just a few of the ways colleagues describe Dr Shubhada Kudtalkar. She is the Head of our team and can always be relied upon to come up with truly creative, holistic solutions to the trickiest of Ailments.


Harshal Kudtalkar

Environmental Manager

Harshal has an unyielding passion for nature and design and is an important part of the DNA of asknature. They are always coming up with ways to make sure every project we take on succeeds beyond our expectations.

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